Children.  College tuition.  Family business.  Investments.  Retirement.

You've worked hard over the years to accumulate wealth and provide for your family.  Now is the time to protect them from taxes, your incapacity, uncertainty in the event of your disability or death, and the administration of your estate (probate).  Trust your planning to the people who have the resources and experiences to protect what you have for those you love.

We are a law office that has created a variety of ways to solve complex legal problems.  Our focus is helping people who worry about losing assets or who want to get their assets to their loved ones quickly and easily.

What's unique about our law office is an education process that helps to eliminate worry and determine the best approach to protect your assets.  We don't tell you what to do, we tell you what you can do.  The formula for resolving your specific legal issue is based on your wishes.  At the Alexander Law Office, we recognize that your situation is unique and that no-one knows it better than you.  We listen and learn, then educate you regarding your options.  The ultimate decisions are yours to make and we guide you every step of the way and ensure that you understand your options.

We also know that flexibility and longevity are important.  So we're there for you for the long run.  That mans that you'll always be able to make adjustments as your life changes.

The Alexander Law Office has built its practice on the philosophy of exceptional client service.  We believe in the values of honesty, integrity, excellence and responsiveness in the practice of law.  Each client receives our full commitment to quality, cost-effective legal counsel and is treated with the utmost respect and professional courtesy.

As you make some of the most important decisions of your life, partner with a law office that develops meaningful, long-term relationships with clients and works at the multi-generational level to ensure that loved ones will have peace of mind in the event that you can no longer care for them.

Once your are a client of the Alexander Law Office, you are a Client for Life.  The Client for Life maintenance program means that, if at any time, you experience a major and unexpected life event or feel the need to talk to an attorney about a major and and unexpected issue, you can call us and schedule a "Peace of Mind" meeting at no charge.  For Life.  This is our promise to you of exceptional client service.

Contact us at 831-644-0300 for a complimentary 30 minute consultation or send us an email by   Weekend and evening appointments are available for established clients.