Now more than ever, clients seek to protect their hard-earned assets from being depleted by the costs of nursing home care and Medi-Cal (Medicaid) reimbursements. Families desperately need skilled assistance from specially trained estate planning attorneys to navigate the complexities of obtaining Medi-Cal coverage.  

The Alexander Law Office has been certified by Medicaid Practice Systems™ (MPS) as having completed a rigorous national training program dedicated to estate planning for people who are concerned about the cost of nursing home care decimating their assets.  As a Medicaid Practice Systems™ network firm, we are able to engage in planning using trade-marked trusts that non-MPS Network firms do not have access to.

For clients wishing to implement pre-Medicaid planning, we design a comprehensive plan that will qualify clients for Medi-Cal in the least amount of time while also preserving assets for loved ones.  By engaging in advance planning, clients can make informed decisions about how to pass their wealth to loved ones without sacrificing their ability to access income from those assets or disqualifying them from government benefits when they most need it.

Examples of the planning options we frequently use include:

·  Revocable Living Trusts, MIT™, FIT™, and KIT™ asset protection trusts.

·  Annuities

·  Promissory Notes

Our firm also quickly responds to clients facing an immediate need for Medi-Cal benefits during a crisis.  Our attorneys actively participate in every phase of the Medi-Cal application and qualification process such that a client's spouse, child or loved one does not have to expend emotional energy to try to cope with the legal intricacies of Medi-Cal while also coping with a medical crisis.  If your family is experiencing the medical crisis of a loved one, reliance on a calm and experienced advisor will ease the stress of an already difficult time for you and for them.

Be sure to visit our Medi-Cal calculator at to see if and when you might qualify for long-term care benefits under the requirements of the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005.

They'll take my home.

Fact:  Your home is exempt, even if you are single as long as you intend to return home.

I have to give away my assets to protect them.

Fact:  Yo can maintain 100% control of your assets without risking them.

I have to wait 60 months to qualify for Medi-Cal.

Fact:  The waiting period is calculated on a case-by-case basis and can be as short as a month with proper planning.

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If you have questions about pre-planning for Medi-Cal or are facing a medical crisis and need to qualify for Medi-Cal as soon as possible, please contact us at 831-644-0300 to schedule a complimentary 30 minute appointment or send us an email by . Weekend and evening appointments are available for established clients.