Our firm regularly drafts comprehensive Durable Powers of Attorney that allow your spouse or another highly trusted person to sign documents and handle financial matters for you in the event of a crisis or your incapacity. This document is particularly helpful if mental disability prevents you from managing your own affairs.  Powers of attorney can be revoked by you or you can change the person you appoint (your agent) to handle your affairs.  There are two types of Powers of Attorney. 

Springing Powers of Attorney take effect only in the event of your incapacity or some other event that you pre-designate and terminate upon end of your your incapacity or the happening of another pre-designated event.  Clients often prefer this type of Power of Attorney as it allows them to retain control over their property and finances up until the moment that can no longer manage their affairs.  Upon certification by your medical doctor that you are incapacitated, a Springing Power of Attorney will immediately allow your agent to handle simple tasks such as tending to your banking needs, paying your bills or picking up your medicine for you. 

Alternately, married clients and those with a friend or loved one whom they trust implicitly often choose to execute a Power of Attorney that allows his or her agent to be able to manage one's affairs immediately, thereby allowing the agent to act even more quickly in the event of an crisis or incapacity.  This might be helpful if a person travels frequently or is leaving the country for an extended period of time and needs to have a trusted individual handle his or her affairs during that period of time.

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